Red yeast rice

  • Red yeast rice
Red yeast rice

Red yeast rice

Red Yest Rice

Red Yeast Rice is obtained through fermentation of Non-Gmo rice with Monascus Purpureus. The natural Monacolin K it produces can effectively control the biosynthesis of cholesterol. Meanwhile, it contains a variety of physiological active substances, such as amino acid, unsaturated fatty acid and GABA, which can produce a significant effect on lowering the cholesterol in human body, regulating blood lipid, reducing high blood pressure and maintaining the health of cardiovascular system.

Red Yeast Rice, rich in natural Monacolin K, is an inhibitor of reductase of cholesterol synzyme, which can check the synthesis of lipids like endogenous cholesterol, compete with cholesterol in intestinal tract in absorbing receptor, reduce the absorption of exogenous lipids and thus effectively reduce the cholesterol level in blood. Besides, Monacoin K also can increase the expressiveness of LDL receptor on the surface of hepatocyte, improve the activity of high-density lipoprotein lipase and thus add the transfer and decomposition of triglyceride and effectively lower the level of triglyceride.

It’s a natural, efficient and safe raw material for health food and pharmaceutical industry.

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